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by Race Bannon on April 19, 2010

Everyone wants to improve their lives. I sure do. I’m sure you do as well. Perhaps that’s why you’re reading this right now. The pursuit of a better life has been the subject of countless writers, and this blog adds one more to that list.

In the pursuit of a better life, I have been a lifelong consumer of self-improvement information and advice. I have read books, watched instructional films and shows, participated in discussion groups, attended seminars, taken classes, listened to an array of speakers, reflected on various spiritual and philosophical teachings, attempted to practice what I’ve learned, and thought long and hard about how to be a better me and have a better life. Many people have done the same. And in all likelihood you have as well.

Then one day I realized something. Woven throughout all of the self-improvement information I have been exposed to are common threads of guidance in the form of basic principles. These principles form the foundation of all of the self-improvement philosophies and systems. This was an epiphany!

No longer did I feel held captive by any single self-improvement system. No longer did I feel I needed to pick and choose from among the many ways of thinking about living a good life. Gone was the stress of having to abide by every rule and guideline a particular self-improvement approach dictated. I was finally free of the shackles imposed by years of thinking that each author, philosopher, speaker, teacher or fellow searcher had the better answer to the eternal question of how to live a better life.

So, here in front of you is my blog that will discuss the basic principles and truths that I have noticed during my many years in the pursuit of a better life. I call these the Principles of Life. I use them as the guiding principles in my life and perhaps you can too.

Along with these discussions I will add in any information, news, research or resources that I think you might find of value as you work at improving your own life. The goal here is to share my own personal journey to a better life in the hopes that it inspires and assists you to do the same.

I look forward to the journey with you.

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